martes, 7 de diciembre de 2010

Capítulo 5.Detrás de cada gran hombre siempre hay una gran mujer

En el colegio lo pasó bien , sin más problemas que tener que estudiar y parar balones .
En casa sus hermanas no corrían la misma suerte , se pusieron a trabajar como modistas para
alimentar a los hermanos pequeños .... siempre echarían en cara a su hermano el no haberles ayudado
en esta tarea.

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Paco dijo...

Querida, admiro más a la máquina Singer que a un portero. La primera, con sus canillas, es más útil para la sociedad.

De todas formas, siempre ha sido así, pan y circo para el pueblo. Los espectáculos actuales, no me interesan. Francamente, pefiero ver una lucha de gladiadores a un partido de fútbol. Ah, qué refinados eran nuestros antepasados del latio...

Mónica dijo...

Vaya te voy a dedicar un Gladiator , como es costumbre en este lugar (cada vez que entra alguien nuevo se la dedica un dibujo ),

mrswells dijo...

Pues yo me he perdido con los personajes de la historia. Pero sabes que el Papa actual tambien tenia una hermana de aupa (creo que ha muerto) que le pago los estudios?

mrswells dijo...

Y ahora que murio su mejor amiga y asesora es Ingrid :

Bernhard Huelsebusch

Rome, in July. When she, a few steps behind him, accompanied the white-clad Pontiff on his first appearance in the Vatican, she was clothed mostly in black. Thus it was when Benedict XVI inspected the papal apartments in the Vatican for the first time, into which he then entered and into which she, at a fitting distance, followed him. Ingrid Stampa-thin (gaunt), dark hair, glasses-remains always in the background. Nevertheless, the 55-year old German is, if one believes one papal biographer, his closes confidant. She has not only been his housekeeper for many years, but also the advisor of the amateur pianist Ratzinger in musical and literary matters.

Ingrid Stampa comes from Niederrhein, from the area of Kleve. Although a believing Catholic, she began her career in chiefly Protestant Hamburg, where she, playing a magnficient viola de gamba, advanced to the rank of professor at the College of Music. With regard to her Italian last name, it is said in Rome that she was married to an Italian, who however-caring devotedly for her-died after a short time. Actually, Ms. Stampa was, in her own words, married to music. "I have sacrificed everything else for its sake," she says.

A Woman of Music

At the end of the 80's the equally pious and resolute German came to Rome. 1991 Maria Ratzinger, the sister of the Bavarian cardinal, who had supervised the household of her brother for thirty years, died there.

Through the offices of Renato Buzonetti, the papal physician, Ingrid Stampa took over her position. Thereafter, the Rhinelander cared for the physical and in certain ways the psychological wellbeing of Ratzinger, the Protector of the Faith. According to papal biographer Peter Seewald, she at first prepared Italian cuisine for him, but then learned to cook for the cardinal his favorite dishes from his Bavarian homeland: apple strudel, steamed noodles, and bread dumplings.

On the terrace of Ratzinger's apartment situated immediately next to St. Peter's Square she created for him a meditative place of stillness, a roof garden, which she lovingly tended. Ingrid Stampa attended to the necessary shopping on her bicycle. Between the "Man of the Faith" and the "Woman of Music" there developed a trust, indeed a deep friendship. Seewald writes that when Ratzinger worked without stopping on the documents of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, she placed sandwiches on his desk, which he usually left untouched until his work was completed. And when the cardinal required something, he dialed her cell phone number.

Since Ingrid Stampa speaks Polish well, she moreover translated several books of Pope Wojtyla into German. At the beginning of April, 2005, just as she had completed the German version of Karol Wojtyla's "Memory and Identity", John Paul II died in the Vatican. On April 19 the conclave chose Joseph Ratzinger, Ingrid Stampa's boss, to be the new pope.

Mónica dijo...

estas documentada

mrswells dijo...

El intersnets, hija. Pero nunca se sabe si lo que se dise ahi es verdad, aviso

Anónimo dijo...

los dibujos ¿qué pasa con ellos?
cada día son másbonitod, gaurdalos, porfa.......
y la historis, br..brrrrrrrr